three lines (3).

A few weeks ago, I wrote this short. Hermes was a quick 2,000 word jaunt about an AI aboard a spaceship who discovers — and is startled by — sudden sexual attraction.

Cameron Ollis was the most beautiful person aboard the Stellarship Soter.

It was fun to write but, ultimately, dissatisfying for me. There was something missing.

Something like another 13,000 words, apparently.

I’m at the 15,000 word mark, with almost no direction, and a bit in the weeds. I’m not sure where to stop or what to do. What am I even doing? Is this a novella? An overgrown short? Hell if I know. I should probably figure these things out, but I’ve been having so much fun.

Today, for three lines Thursday, I have three lines I’d written earlier in the week.

Cam glanced off and then back to Hermes, bouncing a little on his heels. When it was apparent Hermes wasn’t going to say anything, Cam croaked out a tiny, shy, “Hi.”

Hermes felt his insides melt like candy in a sunbeam. “Hello.”

I’ve played around in Photoshop, too, and even mocked up something cover-esque with the beautiful Cam. Those lips, man. Hermes never stood a chance.

And that’s it. That’s what I’m dealing with. How are your WIPs going? 🙂