three lines (1).

it’s three lines thursday!

i’m inventing this as an opportunity to share three lines from any current WIP. today, i’m sharing a snippet from my tentatively-named story, a garden in space. this book follows haley lovell, a gardener living aboard a space station called opis, and valouatthiaslouan, an alien android that finds himself captured and imprisoned on opis’ brig.

for today, we have this:

Val shoved Haley backwards, sending him off his feet. He landed against the dimpled platform on the second level, book skittering out of his hold. At the same moment, a body landed with an audible and sickening slap where Haley had been standing.

one of the most challenging parts of this story is creating fulfilling action sequences. this book is a romance, and the love between haley and val is absolutely paramount, but there are some intense and dire circumstances that surround them. giving weight to the world, the action, and the suspense…it’s as fun as it is difficult.

this scene features a significant amount of gore. corpses falling from above, heads being shot clean off… oh, and (bonus):

Haley didn’t want to imagine going the rest of his life without seeing Val again. Surrounded by carnage, trapped in the prison of an old and failing space station, Haley and Val were connected irreversibly. Permanently.

in any case, i’m starting a new scene today. wish me luck and stay tuned for more soon.

bye all!