Freelance/Contract Opportunities

I’m currently open for any freelance or contract opportunities. 

I’ve got a plethora of experience in book covers, book illustrations, character concepts, character designs, portraits, and pretty much anything artsy.

E-mail me at


Commissions (Closed)

I’d love to draw something for you! I’ve done D&D characters, novel characters, and even fanworks. Types of commissions include:

  • Full body | $90
  • Half body | $70
  • Shoulders-up | $50


About Me

I’m Oak Antony.

Oak is actually an acronym that stands for “Oh, Ashley Kaye,” because my name is Ashley Kaye. But you can call me Oak.

I’m an artist and a writer and I live in Texas with a day job doing art and writing on a corporate scale. My tools of choice include a Wacom Cintiq, iPad Pro, and the Creative Suite.