Author: akhayes

three lines (2).

It’s three lines Wednesday again!

An afternoon spent tending to his roses typically left Haley dirt-streaked, sweaty, and smiling, but today he was dirt-streaked, sweaty, and bitterly resigned.

“I don’t know why I’m so sad,” he said to each flower, inspecting them closely. “You’ll probably be fine without me.”

Today we have Haley’s introduction. Haley Lovell is a gardener aboard the space station Opis. Opis is being decommissioned by the government faction currently managing it and Haley is going to be separated from his garden. It’s actually pretty terrible for him, because the garden was his mother’s work and one of his last connections to her. She died a few years before the book begins, violently and suddenly and in front of Haley.

He still carries the trauma of that accident with him. There are a lot of things Haley isn’t capable of doing because he’s been affected so deeply by this loss, and it’s my hope that I can have him grow and adapt and build himself anew. He begins the story frightened, lonely, and exhausted. And, as the excerpt says, bitterly resigned.

A lot of Haley’s feelings are mirrored from my own. It’s a story for another post, but my father is currently dying to a degenerative brain disease, and writing Haley has more than helped me cope with the ways this event has hurt me and my family and especially my father.

His introduction to the readers is very important to me, because I want the readers to understand that while Haley is emotionally fatigued, he’s still got the potential for great things, and is a worthy hero for our intergalactic love story. 🙂

That’s it for my three lines Wednesday. How’s your WIP treating you?