Oak Antony


My name’s Oak and I’m a writer and artist located in Dallas, Texas. Currently I live in an old Victorian Tudor while working full time as an art director for an advertising agency. I have two cats (Pancake and Waffles), a vast collection of coffee table art books, and a handful of plants that aren’t entirely dead yet.

Nice to meet you!


This story started in mid-2017 when I drafted an initial concept about a living garden floating in space.

From there, I started building characters and their relationships and it slowly grew into the story you see here today. Valouatthiaslouan was the first character I named, and the Amenon language was something I carefully crafted over the last few years. It continues to evolve today in a ridiculous, spiraling Google doc that’s almost impossible to interpret.

Life imitates art. (That sentiment will make sense in chapter 2 or 3.)

I wrote the initial draft in late 2017, scrapped it, and rewrote a second draft in mid-2018. What you’re reading here is based on that second draft with, uh, a lot of changes. Writing is hard.

In September 2019, AGIS will be live on Wattpad. Stay tuned for updates!